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Kraken/Nautilus Project

Oak Harbor on Whidby Island, WA

A few years ago we learned of a "Call to Artists" to Steamsubmit ideas and sketches for the newly renovated Old Town section of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA.  This is Rebecca's ofconceptual water color presented to the Oak Harbor Arts Commission.  I consider this work by Rebecca and my subsequent execution in metal o be a true collaboration.  We were awarded the commission based on her rendering of the finished sculpture.  Unfortunately, She only saw the beginning of my work on the Nautilus.  She passed away before the work was completed. 

Using Blueprints gleaned off the Internet I set up a "Dry Dock" and began building a

replica of the Hull of Captain Nemo's futuristic Submarine.

The hull is built of mild steel sheet and bar, welded together with a Wire Feed  MIG.  The heat on the welding tended to warp and buckle the hull plates.  Just what you might expect  from a 19th century  Steam Punk Submarine subjected to the pressures of repeated diving and surfacing. 

Stainless Steel tubing is bent and TIG welded to support Nautilus hull and Kraken

Nautilus hull mounted to a tubular stainless support system.  The hull of the Nautilus s treated with a chemical that turns the rust, Iron Oxide, to Iron Phosphate which  prevents further rust.   It also gives the steel a nice streaky black color which adds to the sinister appearance to the Boat. 

Beginning of  "Kraken" outlined in mild steel welding rod.

The Kraken is based on the Giant Pacific Octopus, largest of all octopus species and a resident of the Puget Sound.  The "Kraken" is covered with hammered copper sheet.  

The "Kraken" now completely "skinned" with hammered copper sheet.  

50 mm Glass Eyes from Van Dykes Taxidermy supply

Rebecca's brother,  Jeff Baggett, stayed with me after Rebecca's passing.  Jeff lived in Ketchum, ID for many years, working as a Master stone mason in Sun Valley.  So when the time came, Jeff  took over the Stucco work on the wave that supports the metal work.  Here the Sculpture set in place with the first coat of coarse gray stucco.

I mixed and Jeff applied two additional coats of Stucco with color dyes mixed in to emulate the subdued colors of the waters of the Puget Sound.

Whidbey Island has a Naval Air Station, and Bremerton Naval Shipyards is just across the Sound.  I have to remind my Navy friends that while the scene depicts the attack of a Submarine by  Sea Monster;  In the Jules Verne Novel, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea",  the Nautilus prevails and the Kraken is vanquished.  

Final installation at the foot of Pioneer Way,  Oak Harbor, Whdbey Island, WA