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Freeform Live Edge Furniture 

by Bill Hunt

Walnut Top on Myrtle Burl Trestle Base with matching pair of Benches  

Myrtle Burl Trestle Base assembled with dowel and glue, without  metal fasteners.

Stretcher bar, also Myrtle, connects the two end pieces

A recent commission, completed and delivered Fall 2016



Maple top has Birds Eye and Fiddleback Burl and Rippled grain throughout

The Myrtle base is Cantilevered and well balanced.  

Highly Figured Maple Coffee Table on a Myrtle Driftwood base.  

36" long x 19" wide x 18" high   -  It is Available

$950 (Plus crating and shipping)


Walnut Garden Bench with Driftwood legs.  

64" long x 14" wide x 19" tall

$550 (Plus crating and shipping)



Walnut Burl Bistro Table on Port Orford Cedar Root Base

32" Tall x 37" Wide x 22" Deep.  This piece is available

$1,950   (Plus crating and shipping) 


Small Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table  -  20" wide x 36" long x 19" high

on an  Alder Base.  This table is available

$850  (Plus crating and shipping)


Myrtle Fireplace Mantle with live edge Myrtle skirt.  Designed to fit over and hide rough concrete beneath.

This was also a Commissioned work. 


Walnut Dining Table with three "Bow Tie" joints in the crack

Commissioned 2014


Siberian Elm Countertop detail  -  Decorative and functional  Nakashima style "Bow Tie" joint  in Purple Heart.

Installed  to stabalize the crack at the end of the counter top.   Client provided the  wood;  Commissioned me to create

the Bow Tie joint and finish out the countertop.  


Redwood Burl Desk Top/  Natural voids filled with Agate, Jasper and Turquoise inlay.  Clear Epoxy matrix and Satin

Polyurethane creates a smooth, durable surface.    -   Sold


Red Cedar Coffee Table on Driftwood Stump Base

with Turquoise inlay in the natural cracks and voids.  -  Sold


Port Orford Cedar Fireplace Mantle

Custom designed with a curtain of Oregon Myrtle to hide existing concrete ledge

The top of the mantle was High, above eye level,

so we added this piece of myrtle beneath to create better wood to stone proportions

for the overall look of the fireplace.  Added a long Art Nouveau to give it a more formal appearance . 

Notice the Bird in grain in this image. 

Oregon Myrtle is known for the figuring  in it's grain and burl.   


Matched Pair of Old Growth Redwood End Tables on Maple Burl Bases.

Tumbled Agate and Jasper, collected from the Oregon Beaches inlay in the natural voids.  Sold